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Wild White

Light notes of baked almond with a slightly wild finish.

Loose Leaf Tea Ingredients

White tea.

About This Loose Leaf Tea

It is said by the people who live high in the Yunnan mountains, that behind every great tea, is an equally great story. Silver Moonlight white tea, a stunning white tea comprised of delicate silver needles and white tea leaves is no exception. As our Master Taster heard it, while on a tea buying trip to the province, Silver Moonlight tea was discovered many, many centuries ago. Legend has it that a young maiden from a small village near the base of a mountain, the only child of a local farmer and his wife, fell ill one winter. Summoning a doctor was impossible as the family's village was unreachable by road during the wintertime. In desperation, the family decided to venture up the mountain to the home of an old shaman that was rumoured to live near its peak. The climb to the top took almost a full week, the farmer having to carry his ailing daughter to the summit. By the time they reached the top, the girl was dead. Distraught, the farmer spoke to the shaman anyway. While there was nothing she could do to bring the girl back to life, she made the farmer a promise.

If he buried his daughter at the top of the mountain, as an offering to the gods, he would be rewarded for his loyalty to his only child. The shaman said that with her body resting so close to the heavens, the girl's spirit would rise into the clouds to become moonlight and from its rays, wherever they touched the earth in the spring, tea would blossom. The man did as he was told and ventured back down to his home. Weeks later, the snows of winter melted and the days and nights became warmer.

One morning, after a particularly warm night, the farmer and his wife awoke to find their yard filled with shoots of new tea. They harvested a bowl full of the leaves, brought some water to a boil and to their delight found it to be delicious. They christened the tea Silver Moonlight and from that day forward felt their daughter was always with them.

Brew a pot today and discover one of the world's finest Chinese white teas for yourself. Plucked and processed entirely by hand - a tea as delicate as the light of the moon.

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Very nice !

One of the best teas I have tried - great product good value.