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Green Tea

Although green teas originated in China - and have been drunk there since at least the Southern Song dynasty (960-1279) - they are now produced in almost all tea growing regions around the world. Our diverse loose leaf green tea collection reflects the many wonderful makers of this healthy and fragrant tea. From Japan to Ceylon, our green tea suppliers have perfected the art of creating teas that are both delicious and healthful.

Despite their name, green teas are produced from the very same tea leaves as black teas. Green tea leaves are harvested and then quickly preserved. Whereas black tea leaves are allowed to oxidize after they are picked, green tea leaves are immediately heated to prevent oxidation. Oxidation is a natural process - it's the same thing that happens when you slice an apple and it begins to turn brown and taste sweeter as it is exposed to oxygen.

There is certainly no doubt that green tea is good for you and there are studies which have shown positive results from green tea consumption in areas such as weight loss, skin health, glycemic control and overall well being.

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