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Estate Tea

We choose award-winning single estate teas and small-batch blends to ensure our black teas are always brimming with flavour, freshness and fragrance. For really special single estate black teas you may want to start with some prime examples from the Assam region of India. Head over to Darjeeling for an aromatic organic tea and then the full flavour teas of Kenya.

When grown in the optimal conditions and gently processed in small batches, black teas possess a myriad of surprising health benefits. Polyphenols found in black tea are thought to restrict bacteria in the mouth, reducing plaque formation. Polyphenols are also antioxidants, which can help block DNA damage. Tannins found in black teas help to improve digestion and immunity. The small amount of caffeine in tea can boost energy levels.

Drinking black tea can also help reduce stress and may help lower the risk of developing diabetes, when drunk regularly. Lots of great reasons to get brewing!

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